Ocean Freight

We provide sea freight in South East Asia, ensuring all packing specifications comply with the regulations in all destination countries.

Full Container Load (FCL)


If you need a one-stop service to deliver a bulk cargo that fills a given container by bulk or by maximum height, from a factory to the door step of a buyer, our Full Container Load (FCL) service allows this shipment as a full load container.

This one-stop comprehensive service caters to different types of cargoes with our range of containers such as fully enclosed, temperature-controlled or simply a flat base for oversized goods.
Types and sizes:

         >  General Container For Dry Goods (20GP – 40GP)

         >  Flat Rack for Heavy Goods (20FR – 40FR)

         >  Refrigerated or Frozen Containers for temperature controlled goods (20FT Reefer - 40FT Reefer)

Under this FCL service, we support you from the loading your cargo to the tracking of your cargo throughout the entire freight journey.

Loose Container Load (LCL)


For shipment of a limited quantity, we provide consolidation services for any cargo that is not sufficient to fill any one of many standard containers, in either volume or weight.

If you have a smaller amount of goods to be shipped to your oversea buyer e.g. a pallet of books, a drum of chemical addictive, a carton of fruits, we provide you with the Loose Container Load (LCL) service. We will tag your loose cargo along with other customers’ consignments that are shipped to the same port.

Cross-Trade Shipment

As your cargo agent, we handle cross-trade shipment which otherwise also known as Triangular Trade. In triangulating trade between three countries, we will help to negotiate a favourable balance of each.

Conventional and break bulk Shipment

If you have uncontainerized cargo such as machinery, trucks, new and used vehicles, palletized packages or boxed cargo, we provide consolidation and de-consolidation services suited to your delivery.